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Down the Hatch - Chapter 4 Page 139
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I imagine waking up from being dead would be a lot like waking up from a bad hangover. No idea what you did the day before, how you got here, where your clothes are... lol
Now we get to see how he handles that little memory resurfacing...
  • WolfBlood117 Avatar
    WolfBlood117 - 1 month ago
    I think he remembered.

  • Rataya505 Avatar
    Rataya505 - 1 month ago
    Love that expresion

  • wolfthewhite Avatar
    wolfthewhite - 4 weeks ago
    I have been waiting for this moment for years, and it is a perfect "Wait, was I eaten?" moment.

  • Kasra Avatar
    Kasra - 3 weeks ago
    Hooray! Trauma!

  • Marshall ALFOST Avatar
    Marshall ALFOST - 4 days ago
    I can only imagine the next page, where Mort would be telling him that it's only the beginning, and that Noah belongs to him, forever.

  • Nerow Azakieless Avatar
    Nerow Azakieless - 4 days ago
    a pretty nightmare like I need to say, waking up in a den of a beast and remembering how he Brutally eats you, how you were in the pain till the end comes. . the biggest horror might be. . .that it probably won't be last time it happens.

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